Lazy Thursday Haiku



The Wind Blows Pink

A shadow observes

The fallen cherry blossom

A pink spattered path


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Wordless Wednesday


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Man at Thorness Bay


Alone or lonely

The Solent sweeps silently

He stops, looks, for what?

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Lazy Thursday Haiku


Fathers Favourite

Drooping lemon drops

Behold the Laburnum tree

Golden memories


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Guildford Station


Guildford Station



Among the click of ticket machines

The convenience of M&S

Smith’s papers, magazines

Costa’s baristas

Dealing with a queue

Of thirsty commuters


I found this gem

A disused water fountain 1887

Necessary at the time

No Costa’s

No convenience store

No bottled water



Margi Jay 230417

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Wi-fi really!!

Just read an article from daily post, re getting your thoughts down anywhere using mobile phone/tablet for example , which I found very interesting. 

I very often frequent Waterstones, I love books and they now have an excellent coffee shop. However, this is my third visit and the wifi is non existent – well it struggles endlessly!  Hence using the 4g on my phone. 

Sorry daily post that my first ‘phone post’is a moan. Now off to the library where the wifi never lets me down. 

Margi Jay

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Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku


Beauty centre stage

Coral red clings to green shafts

The gladioli


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