Christmas Coats

Hey dude, where’s the fancy dress party?
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The Bridge

The excitement had been building all week – I stood breathless on viewing the expanse of water that lay in front of me – my first sighting since Friday 13th March – although a different sea. I screwed my eyes against the wind for a better view of the bridge – the one across the Severn, which leads to my land of wonders. Soon maybe, soon.

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Social Distance – wordless wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

Empty – Silent

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Does the Shadow Count?

Lazy Thursday Haiku

The shadow hovers
Is the distance two metres?
The silhouette shook

Margi J 070529

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Not exactly Wordless Wednesday

The Wonder of Water on Wapping Wharf

I feel that this is one of the loveliest scenes I have captured.

Mj 091219
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Wordless Wednesday

I wonder if it is full of libraries and book shops – ooh, heaven!
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Moving Patterns

The kaleidoscope
Shake gently and watch the fall
Multi coloured drops

Margi j
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The Hidden View of Llanberis (haiku)

The slate of silver

Reflects its dark side below

Commands a presence

Mj 290819

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Wordless Wednesday

First time trying a post using my mobile and portable keyboard!

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