A Sunday Journey

Well here goes! Have just read all the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ on the Daily Prompt page – found the most helpful being, ‘just do it – don’t think you are rubbish!‘ Which is my problem.

On my train journey to Paddington this bright and sunny 1st of May, the train was diverted – how wonderful. Went via Bradford on Avon, a quaint place I haven’t visited for a long time. Gazing out of the window at the canal, observing walkers, some with dogs, some just strolling with family or friends, made me feel a little envious. A visit to this lovely place is now on my ‘to do’ list.

Oh my goodness, over the tannoy came the announcement, ‘If you look to your right you will see the White Horse!’ Eagerly gazing out of the window, I realised that I was the wrong side of the train. However, a nice young man in the adjacent seat smiled and pointed to this amazing sight from his side of the carriage so I didn’t miss it. He probably thought, ‘poor old girl doesn’t know her left from her right!’ 🙂

Back on track now – next stop Reading.


About margijay

I am a walker, a writer and a Scrabble fanatic - the latter being a source of procrastination!
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2 Responses to A Sunday Journey

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Here you are and your voice is very distinct and you made me laugh. I’ve tweeted you, so the twitter button did its job, not that I do much with twitter but you never know, have you linked so that it posts there automatically? You’ve got your like button – well done and had some visitors, have you visited them back?

  2. margijay says:

    Thank you Gilly – will check out Twitter 🙂

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