Lazy Poets Thursday Haiku



The Sound of Four

John, Paul, Ringo, George

The still image of the Four

Four shots – end the sound



About margijay

I am a walker, a writer and a Scrabble fanatic - the latter being a source of procrastination!
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2 Responses to Lazy Poets Thursday Haiku

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Brilliant haiku Margi and photo. I’d like to see Liverpool, did you get to see the warriors? Any photos?

    • margijay says:

      Thanks Gilly, yes saw the warriors – more to come on a future post. I enjoyed Liverpool more than I expected, not only the architecture, museum but the Cavern Club was amazing – my era – loved it. The library was awesome, could have spent hours in there. Xx

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