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Time for a Bite? (wordless Wednesday)

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Wordless Wednesday

I find ‘Wordless Wednesday’ difficult – there is so much I could write about this pic. I would call it, ‘Patience in the Heat’ mj

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Lazy Thursday Haiku

  The Wind Blows Pink A shadow observes The fallen cherry blossom A pink spattered path   Margi Jay 100518

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Wordless Wednesday

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Guildford Station

  Guildford Station     Among the click of ticket machines The convenience of M&S Smith’s papers, magazines Costa’s baristas Dealing with a queue Of thirsty commuters   I found this gem A disused water fountain 1887 Necessary at the … Continue reading

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Cute Colourful Creations

Day two of wanderings round Amsterdam Spotted a book market Language strange Yet – Classics, Art, History Message the same Colourful hand crafted note-books Gilly nowhere in sight Yet here, in the centre of this city Her creations Or seemed … Continue reading

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Family Things

Behold the Bike Impressively hung Kindle the memory Elevated with love   I have called this ‘Family Things’ as there are many things we do together and never record – small things that make us laugh – or cry – … Continue reading

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Green Still

Victoria park No body, no dog, no wind Yet – buttercup tea

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The Walkers Rest – Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku

Spring exudes its green Climb hills to scenes of delight The bench is welcome  

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